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29 August 2011 @ 05:29 am
This icon really describes my feelings.  
Invading your boys only spaces, pointing out your misogyny
Season 6, Episode 10 "Caged Heat"

Preconceived notions: I was told Meg would be in this episode.

COMPLETE. AND. TOTAL. MISOGYNY. MELTDOWN. We are talking, gettin' the women hatin on of Chernobyl proportions here. A three mile island of bitch and whore explosions. Double misogyny rainbow across the sky. And the rainbow is made of dicks.

REVIEW: Well there's Crowley in this episode, that makes me happy. Crowley is a prime example of what Dean isn't. Crowley is unapologetic badass, heartless, and cruel. It's a bit like the badass they are attempting to convince us that Dean is, but with one major glaring reason why this works for Crowley but not Dean - Crowley is a villain, he doesn't need to be sympathetic. At best he's morally gray - a selfish person doing good things because it currently helps him. On the other hand, this isn't Watchmen here. Making your heroes into total dickbags just becomes alienating as they constantly get away with being just as unapologetically heartless and cruel. Heroes are held to a higher standard. If they're going to break the law for the Greater Good then they need to obey at least a moral law. They need to have ethics. Otherwise they're just jerks with guns.

Nine minutes in and I already feel dirty. Don't get me wrong I am all for a HBIC, but as usual Supernatural comes with the one-two punch of the woman being in charge, incredibly sexualized and hot for Winchester cock if only in a foreplay manner, but oh goodness turns out she's actually powerless - or powerless enough that when they start their Winchester Sass That Should Have Gotten Them Killed By Now If Dean Wasn't The GM's Girlfriend everyone has to just sit and listen. It's like when the villian is monologuing and you're wondering why Batman doesn't just shoot him between the eyes already.

Let's actually talk for a second about the GM's Girlfriend Aspect - Castiel takes a LOT more shit from both of the brothers than he should, and I am quickly running out of reasons that could possibly explain it aside from the fact that Castiel is, in fact, in love with Dean. Legit. Especially since later apparently they give Castiel shit for making a tough decision and how ooohhh nooo why didn't you tell us? At least once in this episode Castiel has tried to explain to them the shit that is going down in Heaven, and they throw a little temper tantrum about how they don't give two shits because he needs to solve their piddly problems first.

And they are piddly. I'm sorry Sam, but your soul is way less important than the whole host of Heaven. Who, last we checked, you don't want on your bad side.

But you know, go ahead, keep ignoring Castiel's advice. It isn't that that's ever steered you wrong before aside from all the times that it did. I'm sure this time will be different.


Instead let's go back to extremely over-sexualized depictions of torture regarding the one female that went into this.

You know I don't know what the naysayers are complaining about

Surely there are no creepily sexual connotations to this scene whatsoever.

This guy's knife is exactly where you think it is.

Basically that's Meg's lot in the episode. I'm a little surprised she didn't die in an extremely porno-like fashion that makes me wonder - no, dreadfully certain that someone was not just getting off on this but they were meant to.

I repeat: One single female character went into this episode. Neither Winchester brother was tortured like this, the woman was the one singled out. Sorry Meg, maybe choose a male vessel next time, clearly having a penis will get you out of most of these situations or at least let you have some dignity when you kick it. Having a vagina is apparently just asking for someone to stick a knife in it.


* Technically speaking the 'bitch' count is one higher in this episode, but I'm not counting it because it was in one pure brilliant moment of a Demon calling Dean that. All other bitches and whores were of course used to describe female characters.

Best Line: "Castiel, haven't seen you all season. You the cavalry now?" - Crowley
Morinon: lol tactmorinon on August 29th, 2011 09:49 pm (UTC)

I am now far more glad that I didn't invest time into this show.

Incidentally, I have met some people who might be classed feminazi. You are nowhere near that.
Harukami: a young and beautiful landladyharukami on August 30th, 2011 02:59 am (UTC)
True story: I started to get into SPN last year. Watched most of the first season. Have several more already bought because I enjoyed it!

...then I found out about this scene above.

Haven't managed to watch any more episodes.